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Tim Powell, Director
Mark Robinson, Production Manager/Marine Coordinator

Filming for Yamaha personal watercraft required an area of pristine natural beauty, long stretches of flat water free of curious onlookers and boaters wakes. Lake Shasta in Northern California’s Trinity National Forest offered all that and more, miles and miles more. Three hours by boat from the nearest marina is an area where the high canyon walls block any wind, leaving the water so calm the distant mountain peaks are reflected on the surface. Flying M Films decided to pursue the feasibility of working a film crew in this remote wilderness. Careful attention was given to every detail. Everything the crew would require for seven days was packed aboard five 50' houseboats and five 24' pontoon boats. Joined by the product, 30 Yamaha personal water craft, the flotilla ventured up the McCloud River Arm and made camp on the shore in Dekkas Creek.

The days that followed were nearly hassle free, living on location became a total convenience. Crew and client went off to capture amazing footage each day aboard the pontoon boat that conveniently moored along side the houseboat they comfortably lived aboard. Sumptuous meals were prepared by our chef who transformed one houseboat into a fine restaurant. At dusk the deer would come down to the water to join us for dinner and as darkness closed in someone would always start up a bonfire on shore. The week of constant sunshine sadly came to an end like the close of summer camp.