Being a descendent of the notorious arctic explorer, Robert Kennicott (1860), may likely be how Mark inherited his adventurous spirit. He certainly learned about determination and hard work from his father, Roland Robinson, who cleared a section of land and built the family home single-handedly. Mark was raised in that home being the 8th generation on the same plot of land in northern Illinois that his ancestors settled in the 1800's. By the age of eleven Mark was entrusted with a rifle, a tractor and the responsibility of a stable of horses. Enrollment in a military academy and scouting taught Mark valuable lessons in leadership, team work and respect at an early age.

After high school Mark moved south and embraced an active Florida lifestyle of sailing and diving.  While attending college, he began offering sailing instruction on Clearwater Beach, and it wasn't long before West Coast Water Sports was born. For more than a decade Mark, a USCG licensed captain, provided a quality service to the beach community operating an award winning sailing, windsurfing and water sports center.

His involvement in Windsurfing included developing the instructional program used by Windsurfing International throughout North America, attempting a trans-Atlantic crossing, as well as becoming the 4th largest windsurfer dealer in the United States. During this time Mark traveled to competitions around the world, serving as the team captain for Windsurfing International and being ranked among the top 10 competitors in the world. Due to strong urgings from manufacturers Hobie Cat and Windsurfer, production companies began hiring Mark to act as technical consultant, talent and stunts for commercial filming that involved water sports. As a result, Mark discovered a path he was destined to follow.

Determined to excel in the film industry, Mark attended film and camera workshops in Rockport, Maine and completed a brief grip & electric internship in Miami. Over two decades Mark's production career has taken him across the country and around the world to challenging destinations like Tahiti, India, Guatemala, Cayman Islands, Barbados and Belize to name only a few. Visit Mark's Client List and you will find clients like Pepsi, Ford, Sony, Citgo, AT&T and Lexus shot by directors Joe Pytka, Klaus Obermeyer, Dean Cundy and Gordon Willis Jr.  Today with more than 20 years of experience working as a Producer, AD, Location scout and Marine coordinator, Mark Robinson brings a unique combination of knowledge, passion, skills and experience to the film and print industry.

You can be certain that Mark Robinson:
  • Takes on each new project with a fresh approach.
  • Excels in projects that involve extreme challenges.
  • Is familiar with a wide variety of locations across the country and around the world.
  • Is solutions-oriented and is quick in determining the key issues in order to weave a logistical path to completion.
  • Gets the job done with great attention to detail.

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